Shark Week (ft Knotmonster) at JimmyBeansWool in Sparks, Nevada!

For shark week this year, jimmybeanswool asked me to be the amigurumi artist to design some cute pattern kits for them!  I decided to go with my hammerhead pattern which can be found in my Knotmonsters: Pink Animals edition amigurumi bundle.  

Anyways, I went to go check out the store front and was so impressed!  They had made a super cute display, right as you walk in the store.  The red yarn was a nice touch!


They also sent out these cute newsletters and posted this on their website:

"Just when you thought it was safe to start another WIP... Our favorite finny friends returned with a vengeance! One of our favorite ways to cool down in the summer is to tuna in to watch our favorite sea-dwellers accompanied by facts, trivia, teeth, and of course, a coordinating project (or two)!

Sink your needles and hooks into the latest kits from Jimmy Beans Wool that celebrate these jaw-some creatures! We've got options this year for both knitters and crocheters to make the most adorable themed pieces that will look excellent in your accessory collection and double as the perfect gift for your favorite person who lives life on the edge (of the water)."

"And for our crochet project, we've got the super app-eeling Hammerhead Sharks kit! Perfect for beginners and beyond (even for knitters who want to take a swim on the wild side), this kit comes with Berroco Modern Cotton in the colors 1624 - Salty Brine, 1662 - Rose Island, and 1600 - Bluffs as well as two sets of 8mm safety eyes, enough Polyfil to fill both of your sharks, a darning needle, a CZ shark tooth progress keeper, and a download code for the Hammerhead Shark amigurumi pattern designed by Michael Cao.

Did You Know?: Hammerhead sharks give live birth, and one litter can range anywhere from 6 to about 50 pups!"

So the jimmybeanswool ended up having a crane game with yarn in it!  I couldn't pass up the opportunity and ended up winning some wool!

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