Knotmonster Magazine Feature - Simply Crochet Magazine issue 112

I am super excited to have a feature in Simply Crochet Magazine issue 112!  I picked up my copy at Barnes and Nobles but they are available at Joann Fabrics and at most retailers.  This is my first time being featured in Simply Crochet Magazine and I had lots of fun answering their interview questions!

Here's the excerpt:

It reads and explains my entire crochet story!

"Discovering crochet was all just a happy accident.  I work as a pediatric dentist and during quarantine in the USA my office was closed.  So there I was, locked in an apartment with nothing to do, playing minesweeper on y decade-old overheating laptop.  I literally felt my hand muscles wasting away from lack of use.  Rather than return to work four months later with the dexterity of a newborn baby, I decided to pick up crocheting.  I thought to myself, those amigurumi toys are pretty cute, I could totally figure out how to do that.  Was I in for a challenge ahead!  It took me a week just to make a ball, and even longer to get my fingers and hands used to holding a crochet hook.  But, as the poster in my school classroom said: "nothing is hard, only new".

 "So I kept at the crocheting, created my alter ego knotmonster and here I am, making these cute little guys that bring me hours of happiness and enjoyment.  

After I started posting my creations online, I received lots of requests from my dental assistants and office staff.  All the kids wanted to get their own knotmonster.  My first request was a 'unicorn seahorse'.  I remember thinking, I have no idea what that is and the pattern definitly does not exist...yet."

 My first crochet amigurumi pattern!

"And my creativity has gone on from there.  And not just with my designs - during quarantine my local craft store ran out of stuffing so a couple of my recently made toys are filled with plastic bags.  You won't know until you hug them.  

My favorite creation is whatever one I am currently working on, and my second favorite is the next one I am planning!"

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