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"amazing master! absolutely everything is accessible and understandable, knitting is very easy. Thank you so much for your work!" -Olga F



"This is a great pattern collection! I used it to make a set of planets for a baby mobile and they turned out so cute! I am a very inexperienced crocheter so I did have to Google some techniques but once I got the hang of it, following the instructions was a breeze." - Jordy C

"Love the patterns in this set! They are written very comprehensively." -Kathleen I



"This isn't my first knot monster pattern and it definitely won't be my last! Knot monster's patterns are very beginner friendly and extremely well written. There's lots of pictures and it turned out even better than I imagined!" -Kenzie

"Such a fun pattern! Really easy to follow. I made mine with a finer yarn and smaller hook so it came out mini - so cute!" - Alisa


"This pattern is well written, has lots of pictures and was easy to follow. Can't wait to make more!" - Melinda J


"Such great instructions my 12 year old easily followed them. Highly recommend these patterns! Have with a bib and burp cloth set for a gift." - Erin S

"The owner is quick answer my question s. This is best amigurumi crochet encyclopedia. I really recommend this for beginners as well as all amigurumi lovers." - Naomi P

"Great pattern; easy to follow and makes up quickly. Made for a postbox topper 📮" - Picklecreations

"Excellent written patterns! I've only made two so far but they came out exactly as I expected. Outstanding designer!" - Janice R